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Why choose Passaré

How can coaching help?
There are two ways of spreading light; you can be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it - Edith Wharton

Coaching is not counselling therapy but can be just as effective for individuals or couples. Coaching is a SOLUTION-BASED option, often much quicker and effective as people can see a significant life-long change in just 4 – 10 sessions. Coaching is flexible to your needs and you are in control. You begin to discover options that you previously didn’t see. Your goals seem reachable and you learn to make better decisions.

Relationships can dominate your thoughts like nothing else in this world! They take you from unbridled excitement to sheer confusion in a single moment. Every relationship is unique, but most take them for granted. As a result many perfectly good relationships are destroyed.

Effective coaching will help guide you to understand what you NEED as opposed to what you want. You will gain greater self-awareness and think productively. You will slow down, seeing the bigger picture; learning from your errors and embracing change as you take your own unique voyage of true self-discovery. There is nothing wrong with asking for support. At times, we all need it. The skills you acquire from coaching can be applied in many areas of your life. We specialise in relationships and self-development of all kinds.

Why choose a Chartered Psychologist?

According to the British Psychological Society*: Chartered status is an insurance policy that the psychologist you employ or consult is properly qualified. Anyone can call themselves a psychologist. As psychology and psychological services became more popular there was a concern that there were individuals practicing psychological techniques and calling themselves psychologists without appropriate qualifications. A Chartered Psychologist is someone who is entered on the BPS Register of Chartered Psychologists.
Passare Conultancy - BPS

It means they have:
• Successfully completed a first qualification in psychology (i.e., university degree)

• Have undergone a further course or period of supervised training in a specific area of psychology, e.g., clinical, educational or health

• Have agreed to abide by a code of conduct and is subject to a disciplinary procedure

• Has been judged fit to practice psychology without supervision

*From: Information on the Register of Chartered Psychologists, British Psychological Society, August 2001.

Why choose Passaré?
With over fifteen years’ experience in psychology and working one-to-one with individuals, Martyn has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and experience. This has been compiled into effective programmes and actual skills that individuals can use. The concept of Passaré – is to ‘pass on’ what has been acquired to benefit healthy relationships with others.

Passaré doesn’t deal with fairytales or unrealistic scenarios. We are all real people, with real situations which require real progress. Relationships can be turbulent and frustrating. Passaré guides people towards using the skills that help the more satisfying days become more frequent. All relationship success stories are the result of individuals working hard and being open to healthy relationship development. Are you next?