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Learn to Forgive Yourself

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Learn to forgive yourself
The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday - Anon

It's time to stop punishing yourself
Everybody has made bad decisions in their life. There’s no getting away from that. We are only human.

Some people learn from these. The lessons they pick up make them stronger individuals. Some people however, are weighed down under the pressure of their choices. They experience constant self-damnation over the outcome. Their self analysis of the circumstances is over-critical. In the long term, a damaged self-perception and an overwhelming lack of self-worth is a very likely result.

You just cannot forgive yourself for the decisions you made in the past, but why?

These decisions could be anything from making a choice which affected your family; a decision which severely hurt your partner or a loved one - intentionally or not; or perhaps indulging in a selfish desire which did not work out the way that you planned.

The reality for you is a series of events has been created where, automatically, you are the first person to blame. Now, it's commendable that you accept responsibility for your actions. However, you will never be able to move forward with life if you continue to blame yourself in a finger pointing manner. You still have to awake everyday and life does not consist solely of the past, there is also the present which is even more important.

As much as we would like it to at times, life doesn’t stop, not even for you. The time has come to take small steps to get back to your journey.

Learn to forgive yourself, so your confidence, self-esteem, relationships with yourself and others can start to repair itself. Prevent yourself from experiencing any further unnecessary damage.

The programme
You have decided that you no longer want to blame yourself for decisions in the past. You want to live life in the present.

You’re ready to face everything you fear about this situation. You are ready to explore what really happened; why you made the decision(s) that you did; understand the outcome of the decision(s); how you feel living in the aftermath; recognise the differences between then and now; what you would like to happen and how you are going to move forward.

This will be a very challenging journey. It will bring you to the depths of your emotional and mental responses. However, the opportunity to emerge from it with a new lease of life and a sense of personal freedom is worth every step that you will take

In just 8 revealing sessions, you will understand why your inability to forgive yourself has such a crippling grip over you. You will consider the decisions that you have made from multiple perspectives in order to generate options to move forward.

• Be able to discuss what you fear the most without being afraid of judgement or ridicule

• Challenge your thinking that restricts your ability to move forward with your personal goals

• Understand the psychological consequences that ‘blame’ has on your situation

• Recognise and utilise the characteristics that the ‘strongest’ version of yourself possesses

• Learn specific techniques to relax when the feelings of blame arise within you

• Acquire the knowledge and skills to make your thoughts and decisions clear and productive

• See things from multiple perspectives to give yourself more options. Then make productive decisions.

The outcome
• More productive thinking leading to less anxiety and a healthier mind

• Improved self-worth and self-perception

• The ability to apply the knowledge and skills you acquire to all areas of your life; work, friends, family and personal.

• Feeling accomplished at addressing a previously formidable barrier which can be overcome

• Valuing your experience, thoughts and perspectives and be willing to share these with others

• Having a healthier relationship with yourself. This means you are in a better position to have healthier relationships with others

If you no longer want to live in the past, dwelling on poor decisions or feeling bad about what could, should or would have been, then book a free consultation now!

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