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Is any contact I have with you confidential?
Definitely. Every form of contact you have, whether it is just an enquiry or any coaching sessions between you and I are 100% strictly confidential

What’s the difference between coaching and counselling therapy?
Relationship coaching is a fast, effective means to move your relationship out of a rut. It works on identifying problems, setting goals and focusing on solutions to meet those goals. It aims to resolve problems by creating options, which in turn can improve your happiness and personal or relationship satisfaction. Coaching does acknowledge your past experiences but encourages you to work in the ‘here and now’ to maximize the possibilities of a great future.

How many coaching sessions will I need?
That depends on you. You can have as many sessions as you like. Coaching is about identifying problems, setting goals, generating options and finding solutions. Coaching tends to be a lot quicker than other forms of counselling or therapy and can be extremely effective. Most people tend to have between 4 – 10 sessions but it can be more or less.

Does my partner have to be there when I have a coaching session or can I come alone?
My coaching is tailored to your needs to make the most of it. Some people choose to attend alone, some do it in conjunction with their partner. Some people start alone and then their partner joins them after a few sessions. The choice is always yours.

Will I be forced do things I don’t want to?
You are never forced to do anything. The steps that you take will be ones that you are in control of and are ready to make. The coaching sessions will guide you to meet the objectives that you set for yourself and then reveals how to achieve those goals for yourself. You will never be forced to do something you don’t want to.

Can I meet you first to decide if this is the right thing for me?
Absolutely, I actually recommend it! I offer a free no-obligation consultation. We can arrange this at a time that is flexible and it can be done either face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype, whichever is the most appropriate. I truly believe that all my clients should feel comfortable and are confident that I am the right coach for them.

Is your coaching expertise only with relationships?
No it isn’t. Although I am a specialist in dealing with relationships, I also have expertise in several other areas. I often support people with work, family, sports, interpersonal and general problems they may have. This may include self-development, confidence, self-esteem and specific skills such as job interviews, public speaking, assertiveness and social skills.