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Destructive Behaviour & Toxic Relationships

Anyone can fall into destructive patterns of behaviour or dysfunctional relationships.

Do something about it before it gets any worse.

Get off the road of dysfunctional behaviour and destructive relationships
Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Not a hope, not a wish but a keen pulsating desire that transcends everything – Napoleon Hill

Destructive patterns are habitual
You recognise that no long term good will come from your current behaviour or relationship, if things stay the way that they are. You may have chosen to ignore this in the past but you can no longer lie to yourself. You’re been stuck in a cycle of destruction for a while now. Ultimately, if it continues, it will lead towards an unfulfilling future. Your current situation is always accompanied by either physical, mental and/or emotional distress. It can leave you feeling frightened, embarrassed, used or even ashamed.

If it is some behaviour you are involved in, usually, you know it is dysfunctional before you even do it. However, the rush of emotion that drives you forward can be overwhelming. If it relates to a relationship, a little mental trick is enough to convince you there’s more good than bad in this dysfunctional situation. However, in either situation, Is it just a convenient lie?

Are you hiding some deep-rooted issue that needs to be addressed? Perhaps your behaviour is just a smokescreen to express an insecurity, a long repressed memory or a secret need. Every morning when you look in the mirror, or when you think about your relationship. You know things are unhealthier than they were the night before. In the past, you've told yourself, it won't continue; you won't do it again.. This time however, you are serious. The time has come to finally do something about this.

The Programme
It’s a hard thing to admit that your life, behaviour or relationship may be seriously dysfunctional or destructive. However, the fact that you have taken a major step in recognising this is massive. In 8 soul-searching sessions:

• Face your dysfunctional behaviour

• Take ownership of the design of your destructive behaviour and/or relationship

• See the widescreen version of the consequences of your decisions.

• Discover the deep-rooted factors that drive you to dysfunctional relationships and/or destructive behaviour.

• Face your fear responses and address them productively

• Acquire tools to address your dysfunctional behaviour

• Improve in every important area of your life to minimise the risk of future dysfunctional behaviour

• Learn and apply the secrets of a healthy relationship with yourself and others

• Embrace and maximise the productive options available to you

• Visualise and build a brighter future

The Outcome
• No longer being controlled so easily by your emotions

• More productive thinking leading to better decisions

• Feeling empowered by taking responsibility and ownership, not just admitting it.

• Breaking a seemingly endless cycle of behaviour or dysfunction

• Knowing what your fear responses are and being able to conquer them

• Improved self-awareness and self esteem

• Having more options to make better decisions

• By increasing awareness you lessen the grip of dysfunctional behaviour over your thoughts, language and behaviour

• A more productive future

If you’re ready to leave behind the destructive behaviour and dysfunctional relationships, book a free consultation now!

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