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Dating - Turn the tables to your advantage

Turn the tables

and make dating productive for you

Dating…Turn the tables to your advantage
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door - Milton Berle

The current dating scene
**The average individual goes on 13 dates before finding someone they like to move on with. seven of those 13 will be perceived as ‘disasters’. The cost of an average date is £104. I don't need to tell you that the cost of finding love can become very expensive, very quickly.

With these kind of statistics, it’s no wonder you’re disillusioned with dating. It has become a disappointing waste of time and money.

You must be sick of deciphering another individual’s coded circumstances and experiences; only to find they’ve been lying, or at best, pretending they’re something they’re not. It’s damaging your hope that there are any ‘normal’ or compatible people are out there for you.

You’re tired of dating the wrong people. You want what other happy couples around you have. Perhaps, you’ve been playing this dating game for too long with no success or maybe you’ve not had a date for so long you’ve forgotten what to do. But something has to change, and quick…

**Based on a study of 2000 British adults - http://www.quidco.com/blog/11000-how-finding-true-love-costs-big-money/

The programme
If you are going to spend time dating, at the very least it needs to be productive. Not a waste of time, energy or money. You want to enjoy the experience like anything else you invest yourself in.

In just 4 refreshing sessions, you can turn the tables on your dating experiences, interact with more productive people and address your specific needs in regards to your future.

• Learn how to turn the dating tables on yourself to get the most out of dating.

• Learn how to turn the dating table on your potential date to get the ‘natural’ best out of them

• Discover what you need to change about dating

• Uncover the mistakes you need to avoid in dating situations

• Learn how to take control of the date

The outcome
• You will break the existing psychological barriers and negative patterns that ruin most dates.

• You will acquire more dating ‘freedom’

• You’ll learn more about who you really are; so you know who to really date

• You’ll learn how to keep your mood upbeat and positive to make the most of dating

• You will make less dating mistakes and as a result have more enjoyable experiences

• Meet a more productive clientele of dates

• Know what you really want from a date and get it.

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